Tuesday, January 25, 2011

straya day

(tie dye shirt - diy, bikini bottoms - billabong, glasses - random, wreath - diy)

So this guy from my old school talked to me on facebook yesterday:

Him: long time no talk aye, whatchu doin for straya day?

Me: why do you talk like a bogan?

Straya. Strayaaa maaaaaate. Just no.

But anyway, wore this to the beach, minus the floral wreath. no pants or shoes needed. I never wear bright colours, but i figure what better day to break out the ol' tie dye top than a day when everyone is inebriated and therefore less likely to question the combination of this top and this bikini worn together. swirly colour overload. don't worry, i won't wear this or anything similar again on a non-festive occasion. the glasses were from an random asian 2 dollar shop and plus they double as my expression of national pride with the green and gold. what did you guys do for australia day?

p.s. frozen yogurt is my new obsession

p.p.s. sorry about my face, the glare was so bad, my eyes are even squintier than usual, who knew it was possible.


  1. So cute. In the 1st photo it looks like you are holding a smoke lol. :)

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  3. I love your style and your blog and everything, bah.
    How do you get your photos to appear big? Haha x

  4. Gotta love wearing whatever you like on Aus Day without anyone questioning your choice hahah, looks lovely though :)

  5. greeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeat!!!