Sunday, February 20, 2011


(robe thing - thrifted)

So technically it's a night-gown type thing, but it's great and i don't care if it's not socially acceptable to wear in public.Star and moon print, super sheer, super amazing. Can't wait for the weather to cool down a bit (32 degrees celcius today!) so i can, and will, wear it over everything. and yeah,i realise i contradict myself, saying that i want it to be a hot summer, but this type of heat is not pleasant! it's been humid, cloudy and hot with no sun asdflkajsdklf.

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  1. far out today has been ridiculously hot; somehow the crazy hot days always seem to be the days i don't have any lessons in airconditioned classes :( pretty sure they should make it a rule school is canclled when its predicted to be over 33 dgrees- like a snow day in reverse