Sunday, March 27, 2011

alley ways and pay phone calls

(vintage jumper (softest thing ever, it's like cuddling a lamb), one teaspoon dress)

listening to some edward sharpe and trying to stop procrastinating from studying for my impending death-by-assessments week ahead. i realise i complain about assessments like every post, but i actually do have a super busy week this week. procrastinated all of yesterday, and went out last night. sadly only got one good picture of the back of my dress. how has everyone been?


  1. i l o v e back detailing on clothes, better than the front, generally. good luck in your exams, this time is the worstttt. luckily mine are pretty much over, time to get on with the good stuff now haha :)
    and your shorts tutorial was awesome

  2. the low back is hottttt and that knit looks heavenly x

  3. Ahhh yes, i knew they reminded me of sonething!! Ha oh I was in love with those Chloe booties in red for so long thanks to kate bosworth. Though I suppose they're a fair few seasons old now, the others which im getting are more now or whatever ;)