Monday, April 11, 2011

for japan

(cheap monday jeans, zara jumper)

last thursday at school we had a fundraiser for japan and we had to wear red, white or black. i wore all black, for some reason i have been wearing so much black lately. it might be due to the fact that i am majorly bummed winter is coming. gone are the days of frolicking around semi nude.

but anyway, i also got new cheap mondays which i am in love with. they fit really well (a little high waisted) and i love the little logos and the hand skeleton on the zipper. i got my jumper in tokyo a few years ago during my third visit to japan. japan is actually my favourite country in the world apart from australia. everyone there is so amazing and there is such good shopping, not to mention the food. oh the food. but in all seriousness, it's exactly one month today since the earthquake and tsunami. i send all my thoughts to the people of japan for the tough months and years ahead, especially to those who have lost loved ones or their home and possessions.

p.s. i will take better photos of this whole outfit + others since i have loads of time, i'm on holidays for the next 2 weeks wooo


  1. The detailing on the jeans are super cool :)

  2. this is a lovely post, i was so looking forward to going to japan in july but the trip was cancelled due to the devastation :( hope your holidays are awesome x

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