Tuesday, April 19, 2011


inspired by all the clean, white interiors i re-arranged my room and bought some new stuff for it. how sick is my clock? i love being in my room now and am drinking hot chocolate and reading "catcher in the rye". i think my outfit was inspired by my room too.

(wearing: random white oneteaspoon doppelganger dress, new vintage cardi + beige desert boots (not pictured))

now all my room is missing is a little greenery, buying a cactus tomorrow.


  1. i love simple, white rooms. the best <3

  2. love your room! what camera is that btw? :)

  3. Your room is so clean and beautiful! ahhhh..I want mine entirely black (LOL)

  4. Wow, your room is so simple and beautiful, those drawings are amazing, and i love that Salvador Dali inspired melting clock!

  5. Love the outfit, the sketches and books! Everything white is so relaxing and crisp! I moved house a while ago and bought all white furniture and loved waking up to it each day. I love your blog, following you now, would love for you to check out mine. Cheers, Jenelle.