Saturday, April 16, 2011

warm caramel

(american apparel circle corduroy skirt, zara top, rubi clogs)

new skirt which i'm in love with and am considering getting in truffle as well. they called this colour camel which i like, but caramel sounds good too. footwear inspired by alexa chung/ jemimah (happy birthday for the 14th!). black socks and clogs which cost me 5 bucks. it's cold and wet outside so i'm just sitting here sipping my tea and reading russh.


  1. i always love your posts, your style is amazing and your photos are gorgeous.

  2. you dress so well... it should be illegal. but thankfully, it's not. haha.
    the skirt's so nice... my cousin wanted something similar for her birthday, however american apparel is way out of my price range. hehe.

  3. gorgeous as usual! that skirt colour, oh I LOVE. and woahhh that anon just on your tumblr needs to chill - it's called quality over quantity (and you post quality) and having a life off the internet haha. Your on holidays, so have fun bebe!

  4. *you're. sorry my bad grammar annoys me baha ;)

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