Sunday, May 29, 2011


the drums

maitland showground

fish burgers and chips for lunch

snapped @ the wombats looking a little excited

watched washington from afar, she was amazing. she sang "i touch myself" and now it is constantly stuck in my head... not gonna lie, the main reason we saw gotye was to get in front of the mosh for the wombats, but i ended up liking it.

waited for an hour and a half to get to the front row of the mosh at the drums, but it was so worth it.

deez is quite a crazy character, very entertaining with his little dances with his band.

the jezabels were so cool, hayley was in all black, red lipstick ahhh. and she was so good live.

photos are finally in (it took 3 weeks...). i had a blast and it was such a good first festival experience. The lineup included the wombats, the jezabels, the holidays, the drums, washington, darwin deez, birds of tokyo, cut copy etc. All the bands were so good live, not like some of the autotuned pop trash who make you wince at their weak, out of tune voices live. Highlight of the day was definitely the wombats. We waited for 2 hours to get a good spot and we ended up being right up front, about two metres away from the sexy guitarist. Maitland was ridiculously hot during the day and everyone was basically running around in bras (or bustiers as they like to call them) and tiny denim undies. I don't know how they survived after about 5pm because it became freezing and i was cold even when rugged up in a big, warm cardigan. I wore cheap mondays, docs, hat, vintage embroidered bag and vintage cape during the day. because i really don't get that many opportunities to wear pink capes in daily life. Now i need to get back to crying over the splendour playlist and scheming up ways to make 400 bucks.

in other news, i'm off to new york in a month asdklfaklsdfj!!!!!! do you guys have any suggestions of where to go? leave a comment, it would mean so much.


  1. so so jealous right now. mainly for groovin the moo , but ny too. what are you going for? so lucky!

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