Wednesday, May 11, 2011

jump into the fog

(tshirt - vintage, jeans - sass and bide, beanie - random, shoes - jeff cam litas)

Wore this out to dinner with the parentals with a big vintage khaki coat, because it is currently freezing in Sydney! Still in love with my shoes and also have been cuffing my jeans a lot lately. Roll 'em up kids. also, excuse my being a douche in that last photo hah.

p.s. I went to Groovin' the Moo last weekend and it was so amazing. I promise to do a post when my photos are developed, but apparently that will take three weeks...

pps. it's the premiere of angry boys tonight yaaaaay!!!


  1. um, dude what the hell are you wearing?!

  2. Grans Gotcha!
    haha okay that was a really bad attempt at angry boys joke. I appologize.
    You babe, Lita's plus cuffed jeans I likey xxx

  3. In love with those litas, they really make your outfit. much prefer them in the lighter colour than the black. Very much torn between litas or lanas! x

  4. Awesome shoes! I watched Angry Boys too- funny stuff.


  5. you dress so amazingly. I wish I had friends with clothes like you. I'd have my camera on them every second of the day.

  6. really cute.
    love how it's so casual yet still super stylish.
    ahaha - totally loved angry boys last night. x.