Friday, May 20, 2011


1. litas, random beanie, vintage jumper, diy vintage cut offs

2. nirvana shirt from greece, zara cardi

3. vintage tee, random scarf, vintage cardi, old white jeans, roc desert boots

4. random beanie, vintage glasses, vintage pringle of scotland sweater dress, roc desert boots

did a collage on my bed of outfits that were stored in my rhyme intended. now it will be easier to remember when i'm in a rush and have no time to decide what to wear. the scarf is perfect - holey but warm at the same time, the cut outs are in a checkered pattern. the pringle of scotland dress was my mum's ages ago and luckily i caught her before she almost donated it to vinnies. it reminds me of the alex wang jumper with red stripes from ss 10. as you can see, neutrals are clearly all i can think about. but i really need those red ksubis.