Friday, July 22, 2011

(vintage red knit, f21 suede shorts, steve madden wedges)

Monday, July 18, 2011


converse store, lunch at a deli near times square, sea of yellow taxis, walking blocks and blocks to find aa, yum sashimi salad, my friend alice (who has the coolest platinim blonde hair and best clothes), view on our dinner cruise of the sunset and new york skyline (so beautiful), best ever cheesecake and banana pudding from magnolia bakery,swings in central park, well dressed stranger, rad record store, sunlit farewell

Sunday, July 17, 2011


(h&m stripey dress, aa skater dress, steve madden wedges)

welcome to this edition of crappy quality iphone photos with helen! currently obsessed with all things nude. also these dresses satisfy my penchant for microscopic hemlines.
the h&m dress is the doppelganger of the stella mccartney one which i have been lusting after since forever and i may have leapt on it when i saw the price tag of $9.95.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

new staples

someone on tumblr asked me for my current 5 favourite things: 1. harness boots from UO, 2. OPI for Sephora in metro chic, 3. steve madden wedges, 4. f21 necklace ($7 !), 5. UO hand ring holder

*excluding stuff in previous post!

more posts about new york/ possible photo diaries to come, stay tuned kids.


this post is dedicated to the genius demigod alexander wang, whose clothes i have adored forever. i feel privledged to own a little slice of alex in the form of two singlets. someday i will own his bags, shoes and gowns...

(as you can imagine, i got a little excited and took quite a few photos...)

it all started with my arrival in soho (which by the way is heaven). it was quite a long walk to where the alex wang store was, but i would have crawled there had it been necessary. inside, the design was impeccable and totally lived up to my expectations from photos i had seen. i slowly walked past the racks, feasting on the deliciousness of the orange silk one shouldered gown and the jet black cut out boots. all the salespeople were dressed head to toe in black and this guy with rad piercings helped me in the fitting rooms. i went in knowing i would get the white singlet but i fell in love with the black too, such a perfect cut ahhh. then when i had purchased them, the rad piercing guy told me that i had to lie on the hammock because it was customary. of course, i gladly obliged and i got to sit on the amazing black fox fur. and that night back at the hotel, i made my friend participate in my weird ritual of me unwrapping each layer and her taking a million photos. so normal.