Monday, December 5, 2011

(H&M sheer shirt, Bonds T, oneteaspoon hawks, dolce vita harness boots)

4/12/11 - It was wet, cold, rainy. What is this summer. Spent the day holed up in Gloria Jeans with old friends, catching up over hot beverages. New Topshop lipstick in "desert", highly more wearable than the other Topshop lipstick in fuchsia that I own. This weather better pick up soon, I am way keen for a beach day after spending some time at Bondi for school camp.


  1. Drinking coffee inside on a rainy day sounds lovely. I adore your boots hun!

    Enjoy Bondi. Haven't been in years, I miss the markets!


  2. I adore that sheer shirt! cute ensemble :)

  3. I love this outfit! you're very pretty :)

  4. love the boots, a simple but cute outfit :) i love your blog :D xx

  5. Hi Helen, I have a question for you... I have bought some Dolce Vita boots and was wondering if you had to go down a whole size? I've read a lot of reviews saying they are at least a size too big. How have you found them? Are your ones the Wilix style? Thanks ^__^

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