Friday, December 23, 2011

hong kong photodiary

(all photos by me)

1. View from the hotel
2. Shopping in harbour city
3. Chimelong safari zoo
4. New leather pants from Zara
5. My arms were sore the next day
6. Waffle type things called "Little Eggs" from a street vendors they have everywhere
7. Getting artsy in the train station awaiting my ride
8. My love for white-sheeted hotel beds continues
9. More from the safari zoo


  1. the last one is great!

  2. Have you ever had one of those yummy fish looking things they sell on streets sometimes but they're not actually fish they're just batter thats been shaped to the shape of a fish and they fill em with stuff like cheese and bacon or red bean etc etc. ah they're so yum

  3. I LOVE Hong Kong, my mum's family's from there so I visit a lot, usually around Sha Tin and Ma-On-Shan :) Little eggs are seriously my favourite food in the world! Whereabouts did you go?

  4. Ooooooh I wanna go to Hong Kong! And @floralist, i've had those in korea before and i love them:3