Saturday, December 22, 2012

on the road

When you read this, I will probably be in Hong Kong ransacking the nearest store's Christmas sales. But before that, there is that one pesky detail of getting there. So here are a few things that will get me through my 9 hour flight. 

1. Leopard Scarf from Hong Kong
2. i-Phone
3. Sportsgirl Sunglasses
4. Armani Wallet
5. On the Road Jack Kerouac
6. Diary from Typo
7. (Shattered) i-Touch - I need my music separate to phone because the battery life on my phone is so terrible...
8. CK One Travel Spray Thing, Burt's Bees Lipbalm, Soap and Glory body butter and hand cream, Grown facial moisturiser, Caudalie Beauty Elixir

What do you guys consider your flight essentials? 

Wednesday, December 19, 2012


(Topshop top, Diva Necklace, suede shorts from random shop in nyc) 

Had a relaxing day and followed by dinner on my birthday. Everyone within a 5km radius of me has taken it upon themselves to address me by my name plus the extra 10 h's as of late. Which was amusing for about the first two minutes (srsly cut it out guys, Cindy, that means you). Celebrating the end of the world tomorrow night before flying out the day after for a white christmas. Will keep you all updated, and wishing everyone a lovely holiday season. 

Thursday, December 13, 2012

clean white love

Birthday presents from my beautiful best friends - a tigerlily bikini I had had my eyes on for a few months (the tassles get me every time) and the diptyque figuier candle. Four days until the actual 17th anniversary of my emergence into the world. Have just been spending my time sleeping in, reading, eating good food and hanging out with the important people in my life. Outfit posts to come, soon. 

Monday, December 10, 2012


By popular demand, selling clothes/bags/hats/jewellery/sunglasses/shoes with my partner in crime, Laura, and my other amigo, Lauren. There will be tonnes of cool shit, from sass and bide to bassike to sweet, sweet vintage. If you live in Sydney, definitely come say hi and check out the stuff. Hope to see you all there!!

Friday, December 7, 2012

almost 17

(Friend of Mine Dress, Diva Necklace)

I vaguely rediscovered life away from the internet these past few weeks (exams, friends, family) but that quickly got boring and now I'm back in cyberworld. It worries me as I am not sure how serious the previous sentence is. But anyway, in summary:

  • Am now on summer break for 2 months (woo!)
  • Summer means watermelon and sunshine and the ocean and long lazy days 
  • Had a little birthday celebration (above photo) but my real birthday is in two weeks, turning 17 on the 17th
  • Christmas is just around the corner 
  • Have a really long backlog of photos to post so keep checking
Hope everyone is having an amazing start of my favourite season of the year. 

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Ring from Sportsgirl

Ok so can we all just take a moment to appreciate the fact that I now, with the help of one of my best friends, am the proud owner of two-rings-joined-by-a-chain ie. the thing I've been searching for for about two years, no exaggeration whatsoever. Prepare for death by over-wearing. 

Sunday, October 21, 2012


 1. Bonds-mens-tshirt-meets-scissors, Hunt No More skirt, One Teaspoon bra, Sportsgirl rings, Topshop heels (not pictured)
2. One of my purchases
3. Items that didn't quite make the cut

Finally checked out the new Topshop in the city. It was a welcome break from the monotony of my new routine of studying with occasional frequent trips to the kitchen. Picked up a pair of leather pants, some jewellery, makeup and, to top it all off, a pair of socks from Topman with, wait for it, fried egg print. Yes that's right. Probably tops my list of "Things I Never Knew I Needed In My Life Until I Saw Them", along with Cadbury Marvellous Creations (of the Jelly, Popping Candy and Beanies variety), which I have been addicted to as of late. Unfortunately the galaxy leggings were left in the store, but I will probably see them again soon on the bottom half of a fashion forward twelve year old. The mere prospect fills my weak heart with fear. 

Sunday, October 14, 2012


 Here is a visual diary of my holidays, which, I'm not going to lie, pretty much consisted of one meal, time for digestion, followed by the next feed...hence the subsequent lack of outfit photos, as the majority of my camera roll is probably of icecream and wedges (with sour cream and sweet chili).

I also cut my hair for the first time in almost a year, when I only had a trim. But this time, half of it came off and it was very liberating, for lack of a better way of expressing it. The first cut wasn't short enough so I hacked off an inch or so more in my bathroom, but hey I can always just blame it on teenage angst which lead me to an impulsive hair decision. I really like it, no regrets. Change is good. 

Sunday, September 23, 2012

down by the water

 (Vintage Jumper, Random jeans , Nastygal bag, Sally Hansen nail polish in "Rockstar Pink" and "White On")

Had the best day doing almost nothing on Friday, just strolling around the city with my best friends and having a relaxing brunch. Picked up a few books at Kinokuniya, which made me much more excited than it probably should have. So happy to finally have some free time to read. And now that it's my two weeks of holidays, I've also been able to paint my nails and I'm currently obsessed with Sally Hansen nail polish. Bought my third bottle in two weeks in this sick silver colour called "Celeb City" which is now happily on my fingers and at $7 a bottle you can't really go wrong + it lasts just as long, if not longer, than my OPI polishes?!

In other news, those of you who follow me on instagram would know that I chopped off half my hair yesterday. I was so nervous going into it but I'm so glad I did. It feels so refreshing. I'll post some photos soon. For now, I'm off to enjoy the sunshine so adios amigos, hope you've had a good weekend x

Friday, September 21, 2012


(Friend of Mine dress, Tony Bianco heels, Tiffany & Co Rubedo bangle, Sportsgirl rings, borrowed clutch)
The process of getting ready was slightly chaotic as we all looked super cute, fresh and beautiful after a long day at school and had a minimal amount of time to look semi-presentable. This was followed by being assaulted by rain in the short distance between vehicle and venue, but I guess this added to the err just got out of bed (and had a shower with my dress on) kind of vibe. Potential disasters aside, I got to share the evening with my favourite people and the presence of the photobooth made up for my too thoroughly cooked steak (medium rare, is that so much to ask for?). Plus, captured here are perhaps some of the last photos of my long hair for a while - almost certain I'm going in for a drastic chop over the next few days...

For now, I have a fortnight to rest up before the start of my final year of high school.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

17 on the 17th

wishlistOkay, okay so my birthday is still 3 months away...but I'm currently avoiding revising for my economics exam so I thought I'd make a little head start on ideal gifts. Friends/family/boyfriend/toothfairy take note. 
  1. I need some kind of leopard footwear. Sandal, loafer, I don't mind. No to ballet flats though, I don't think i will ever recover from the gold glittery ones I wore everyday for the majority of my days as a misguided, Hilary-Duff-loving, Total-Girl-reading 11 year old. Although I do still have a soft spot for So Yesterday... The pair above are from Zara. 
  2. Nars Semi-Matte Lipstick in Viridiana. I don't know why I have been putting this off for so long. Every time I'm in Mecca I pick it up, gaze at it wistfully, and proceed to put it down and tell myself I don't need it. But I actually really do. 
  3. Eberjey does really nice bralettes, which would be a nice addition to my never ending quest for flimsy pointless undergarments.
  4. Sigma brushes, specifically these: (F35F84F40E30
  5. Macbook Pro to get me through my upcoming last year of highschool (!!!) and for posting on here for y'all
  6. Big, black, sturdy...tote. This one from Alex Wang would be ideal. 
  8. A new wallet
  9. Diptyque candles 
  10. Snakeskin pants like these ones from Sass and Bide a few seasons ago I believe.
One exam down, 6 exams in 11 days to go. See you on the other side.