Sunday, April 29, 2012

(Shirt - Subtitled, Jeans - Cheap Monday, Belt - Hermes, Shoes - Wittner)

Welcome to Dodgy Iphone Photos With Helen, Edition #459285. With the beginning of the school term marks the beginning of me being an infrequent blogger and all round lazy human being, hence using my phone to take photos in my mirror...But never fear, fashion week is right around the corner (tomorrow!) and hopefully I shall have some great things to share from that. To get your daily dose of me (WHO WOULDN'T WANT THAT????), follow me on twitter and instagram (@hhhhhhhhhhhelen). 


  1. Dodgy Iphone Photos With The Mega-Babe Helen is my favourite show, you look amazing, as always! have so much fun, take millions of pictures, and gather years worth of inspiration for me in my fashion week absence please.
    taylah x

  2. You look fucking amazing. Wish you were at Fashion Palette, but I guess I'll be seeing you at Fashion Week. I'm making it my business to get you, Rumi Neely and Elin Kling in a photo together. x

    1. i would probably faint if that were to ever occur, can't wait to meet you! x

  3. amazing helen! stop being so gorgeous.
    loving the hermes belt.
    & just from reading nusardel's comment, hopefully we'll bump into each other at fashion week although i will be working there! haha xx

  4. so in love with ur belt.

  5. just discovered your blog1 hello fellow sydneysider :)
    i have to say i like your style, but mostly its your way of writing and personality that gets me, you have a keen new follower!
    looking forward to your fashion week commentary ;)


  6. Simplistic white button up with black jeans is probably my staple look, so of course I love this look! Nice touch with the belt to add a little sophistication.
    Iphone dodgies are pritz refreshing to see in comparison with over photoshopped images I see on a lot of other blogs.

  7. OK this outfit is SO NICE!
    also I really like blog~