Tuesday, June 26, 2012

clover canyon

I need this Clover Canyon jacket in my life. 

I'm going through an outerwear-craze-phase this winter. Last year I think I bought about twenty thousand knits, but this year is definitely a year of coats, blazers, vests, jackets... They have to fit several requirements: loose-ish sleeves that are unrestrictive (allowing me to windmill to my hearts content on the df) and definitely anti-claustrophobic, decent length (none of that cropped business) and in my price range, which this one, sadly, is not. 

Sunday, June 17, 2012

pink bullets

 (Bassike Tank, Cheap Mondays, Topshop Heels, American Apparel Bralette)

 (The scene: 3 weeks ago - Something that I said would happen, happens)
Me: Hate to say it but...
J: You told me so?
Me: Exactly, I can't help al-
J: ways being right?
Me: ...Am I really that predictable?
J: Yes.

predictable. PREDICTABLE?!?!

Subconsciously I must have had that conversation in mind when I got dressed, because, yes ok fine I am in black and white, BUT, notice:
a) I am wearing pink
b) My hair is up
c) My toes are painted lilac and have glittery stars on them
See, completely, totally unpredictable-out-of-the-ordinary-whodofthunkit. I have actually been forming quite an attachment to obnoxious fuchsia over the past few months. All my life I have had such a violent aversion to pink, but now all of a sudden I've skipped the the half-arsed prim pastelly shit and gone for the blinding menace to the general public shade. But only in small doses. Baby steps, baby steps.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012


I first read about Grown in good ol' trusty Russh but didn't really think much of it due to: a) so many products in the market which claim to be "natural" but are actually just one plant ingredient mixed in with a concoction of 90 different chemicals. b) I'm usually a believer in science in terms of products and was sceptical that organic ingredients would actually do anything for my skin; c) I'm 16 and live off 10 bucks a week, which I spend on train tickets and cheeseburgers so I was incredibly hesitant to spend that much money on a moisturiser.

But long spiel aside, the point is, I am in love, deeply and madly. Obsessed. Devoted. My skin has never looked better. Infact, I've already bought my second tube of this stuff, for the day my current one runs out, so that me and my baby will never be apart. 

Sunday, June 10, 2012


(zara coat and top, cheap monday jeans, jewellery from markets/diy/h&m)

Saturday: Thai with some of my favourite boys and girls and then a (packed) train into (a packed) circular quay to see all the light installations at vivid. Finally got to break out the fur which has been sitting idly in my closet since my trip to hong kong in december/january. All those around proceeded to pet me for the duration of the night.

ps. as you can see in the pre and post mirror selfies, i got a new phone case woohoo, back to black.