Tuesday, June 12, 2012


I first read about Grown in good ol' trusty Russh but didn't really think much of it due to: a) so many products in the market which claim to be "natural" but are actually just one plant ingredient mixed in with a concoction of 90 different chemicals. b) I'm usually a believer in science in terms of products and was sceptical that organic ingredients would actually do anything for my skin; c) I'm 16 and live off 10 bucks a week, which I spend on train tickets and cheeseburgers so I was incredibly hesitant to spend that much money on a moisturiser.

But long spiel aside, the point is, I am in love, deeply and madly. Obsessed. Devoted. My skin has never looked better. Infact, I've already bought my second tube of this stuff, for the day my current one runs out, so that me and my baby will never be apart.