Sunday, June 17, 2012

pink bullets

 (Bassike Tank, Cheap Mondays, Topshop Heels, American Apparel Bralette)

 (The scene: 3 weeks ago - Something that I said would happen, happens)
Me: Hate to say it but...
J: You told me so?
Me: Exactly, I can't help al-
J: ways being right?
Me: ...Am I really that predictable?
J: Yes.

predictable. PREDICTABLE?!?!

Subconsciously I must have had that conversation in mind when I got dressed, because, yes ok fine I am in black and white, BUT, notice:
a) I am wearing pink
b) My hair is up
c) My toes are painted lilac and have glittery stars on them
See, completely, totally unpredictable-out-of-the-ordinary-whodofthunkit. I have actually been forming quite an attachment to obnoxious fuchsia over the past few months. All my life I have had such a violent aversion to pink, but now all of a sudden I've skipped the the half-arsed prim pastelly shit and gone for the blinding menace to the general public shade. But only in small doses. Baby steps, baby steps.


  1. love the bra! and true I hated pink too...still kinda avoid it at all costs but I can appreciate it sometimes...

    x Stace

  2. I love those Topshop shoes, they're amazing!

  3. you look so lovely!


  4. Incredible shoes, you look really lovely!

    Natasha xo

  5. those shoes are amazing! your outfit is effortlessly amazing, as always xx

  6. nice look, as usual! love your shoes, I think i'm gonna buy them ahah xx