Wednesday, July 18, 2012


 (Friend of Mine Dress worn as top, Cheap Monday Jeans, Doc Martens)

Got this dress a few months ago and for an unknown reason kind of forgot about it. The detailing is insane and I can't wait for warmer weather so it can be done justice worn as a dress with bare legs and tanned skin. I also have neglected my trusty docs big time. As in, its now July and I'm fairly sure the last time I wore them was November...I decided they were needed to make balance out the fuschia lipstick (it looks red in the photo but I promise you it is hot, hot pink) and the delicateness of the dress; to make the whole thing a bit dirtier and messier, and a bit more me. 


  1. Love the dress/shirt. Where'd you get it from!?

    1. i got it from tuchuzy in bondi a few months ago so i don't think they would still have it! x

  2. I can't imagine the top as a dress.It's so cool xxx