Sunday, July 22, 2012

thinking of relevant blog titles is difficult

(Tony Bianco "Karissa", Cotton On Body Bralette, American Apparel Bralette)

Latest purchases: been eyeing the Bianco's online for about a year but due to my weird paranoia about online shopping (I won't do it unless they don't stock it in stores in Australia and I really love the item so I am forced to...) I never purchased them. Laura, who is in Belgium (!!!) for the next two weeks (If you're reading this, I miss you already.) alerted me to the fact that Wanted has them in stock now so I ran went to my nearest store and picked them up. 

And secondly, I never knew Cotton On Body sold cute things?!?! But now I do. And I will be back. Probably to get more flimsy meshy pink undergarments to add to my collection which now stands at two. 

ps. Who's excited for Big Day Out?! Hopefully I'll see some of you there!


  1. haha actually love the title of this post, and those bralettes are so cute! i have one similar to that purple one but in a minty green x

  2. ah love the pink bralette with the lace - I want it! is it AA or cotton on body??
    also - love TB shoes. they are ze bestest.
    & I'll be at BDO melbz :)


  3. You're missing out on online shopping! I used to be the same. Once I made my first international order MY LIFE CHANGED.
    P.S Wow that bra is from Cotton On?! D:

  4. coool:)
    follow each other on bloglovin?;)

  5. love the shoes!