Friday, September 21, 2012


(Friend of Mine dress, Tony Bianco heels, Tiffany & Co Rubedo bangle, Sportsgirl rings, borrowed clutch)
The process of getting ready was slightly chaotic as we all looked super cute, fresh and beautiful after a long day at school and had a minimal amount of time to look semi-presentable. This was followed by being assaulted by rain in the short distance between vehicle and venue, but I guess this added to the err just got out of bed (and had a shower with my dress on) kind of vibe. Potential disasters aside, I got to share the evening with my favourite people and the presence of the photobooth made up for my too thoroughly cooked steak (medium rare, is that so much to ask for?). Plus, captured here are perhaps some of the last photos of my long hair for a while - almost certain I'm going in for a drastic chop over the next few days...

For now, I have a fortnight to rest up before the start of my final year of high school.