Friday, December 7, 2012

almost 17

(Friend of Mine Dress, Diva Necklace)

I vaguely rediscovered life away from the internet these past few weeks (exams, friends, family) but that quickly got boring and now I'm back in cyberworld. It worries me as I am not sure how serious the previous sentence is. But anyway, in summary:

  • Am now on summer break for 2 months (woo!)
  • Summer means watermelon and sunshine and the ocean and long lazy days 
  • Had a little birthday celebration (above photo) but my real birthday is in two weeks, turning 17 on the 17th
  • Christmas is just around the corner 
  • Have a really long backlog of photos to post so keep checking
Hope everyone is having an amazing start of my favourite season of the year. 


  1. wait til you turn 18 then the real fun starts haha!


  2. I'm turning 17 in a week! I'm on a 2 month holiday too, what are some things you suggest doing?