Monday, January 21, 2013


  1. The most mind-blowing Peking duck 
  2. Ice-skating on the frozen lake
  3. My unfortunate discovery that drinking two bottles of juice prior to a four-hour train ride sans bathroom is never a viable option.
  4. Taking photos of young children playing in the snow was fun until it attracted the angry glare of their parents.
  5. The most bitterly cold day of our trip. It was -18 at the point of taking this photo but later in the day it got to -22. This was not acceptable weather for a Sydney-sider who's idea of winter is jeans and a hot chocolate.  I swear that justifies the puffy coat. Almost. 
  6. Sunset cab ride in Hong Kong, where I bumped into Kenza on the street and fought a middle age lady for the last pair of shoes in my size.
  7. Self-explanatory mandatory (dirty) snow shot. 


  1. i can't even comprehend -22. as a queenslander, my idea of winter is like a milder version of summer, still going to the beach in july. -22 is ridiculous, how did you live!

  2. Looks amazing, so cold!!

  3. please, please tell us minus-degrees-suffering european readers where your coat and handbag are from!!

  4. Looks like you had a blast!

  5. this comment is so late .. but did you mean Kenza Zouiten? The swedish blogger?