Wednesday, January 23, 2013

racer backs and racing stripes

 (Old top, Zara jeans, Topshop heels) 

Monochromatic ensembles are basically my staple clothing diet,but perhaps this year will be the year I will venture into the scary world of, god forbid, colour and prints. But until then, I would like to raise the point that white in pants form is already fairly risky due to their infamous anti-slimming qualities, as well as being spaghetti stain prone. And pasta-appropriateness is high on my clothing wearability checklist. Nevertheless, I got this pair on sale in Hong Kong during manic holiday raids and I am happy to report that they remain stainless after one meal out.  
Outfit posts have been few and far between but my new years resolution is to do more of them and hopefully this will be possible with the assistance of my um, new photographer. For now, you will find me slaving away at my desk due to my all too recent realisation that school is starting very, very soon.