Tuesday, March 5, 2013

straight and narrow

(Vintage top, Hunt No More Skirt, Zara bag, Topshop boots)

Welcoming the cooler weather with my favourite illogical combinations of big, big tops and jumpers, paired with tiny, tiny bottoms, so that members of the public may be confused (and frightened) by the prospect of my possible pantslessness. Am also currently confronted with the annual horrible realisation that I do not, in fact, own any legitimately warm clothing. This is promptly followed by an attempt to convince myself that boots and warm socks mean that bare legs are ok. Right.


  1. this looks so good! and i know what you mean, combining eg shorts with thuge jumpers is great :-)

  2. loveee, you always look so classy.
    -Kate xo

  3. absolutely gorgeous outfit!

    bckbld.blogspot.co.uk xx

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  5. love it!!