Sunday, December 22, 2013


  (Bassike t-shirt, Eska Alikai skirt, Zara sandals) 

Update: Turned 18, received my high school final exam results, worsened my permanent sock tan. 

Despite the inevitable distraction of my perennially pale feet, I would like to draw your attention to the buttery white leather that I was gifted on my birthday by my best friends. It is beyond soft and I am basically never taking it off. All white everything has been my uniform for the sweltering December heat, which I hope will continue and translate into many beach days and hopefully not many sun burns. Excited for Christmas and New Years and the first real stress-free break in much too long. 


  1. this skirt is incredible! how long ago did you purchase those sandals? they are amazing. so happy you are posting more! love it xxxx

  2. nice combination. congratulations on your birthday and exam.

  3. i love this look - the skirt is gorgeous!! :) happy holidays!

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