Friday, February 28, 2014


 (Zara skirt, Bassike tshirt, Free People espadrilles)

In my quest to diversify my shoedrobe and cure my borderline obsessive tendencies to reach for black ankle boots, I got these leopard babies from Free People and have since been wearing them to death. With work and uni starting soon, I have been hoarding comfortable and convenient flats, which are also great for the morning after the night before's heel induced death-by-blisters. I wore them with a Zara balenciaga-esque ruffly skirt (It is important to distinguish that peplums below the hip are very much different to those attached to tops- much more socially acceptable AND aesthetically pleasing) and a slowly disintegrating tshirt. For all those preparing their minds and wardrobes for the exciting new chapter in our lives that is tertiary education, I wish you luck. Make lots of new friends and don't skip too many classes. 

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