Monday, December 1, 2014

dark paradise

1. Shelly beach on the hottest november day
2. Fella swim one piece
3. Homemade soba noodle salad with honey roasted pumpkin
4. Peonie season 
5. Post-hair chop in atmos&here dress and asos loafers
6. Haloumi salad @ laneway cafe in cammeray (highly recommend)

Today is the first day of summer, the first day of my favourite month and the first post in a long time. In fact, it has been a year of firsts - university, jobs, quickly realising how fast brunch will drain your bank account (but when it is haloumi salad with grilled asparagus, rocket and grapefruit, is it worth the financial pain?). 

One existential crisis, break-up, spur of the moment hair cut and many photogenic meals later, I finally feel ready to share some carefully curated snapshots of my life again. For those of you who come here to see outfits, I am not sure that there will be as many as there once was - fear not, I am still as materialistic as ever and a dedicated consumer, but thinking about fashion too seriously/ often makes my brain hurt. Instead, I hope to make this more of a visual diary of shitty i-phone shots, beautiful food and the occasional shameless #selfie. Hope you enjoy & thanks for sticking around.